Contrad AR

An acid rinse (neutraliser) and/or pre-wash (preliminary cleaner), for use in laboratory, medical and industrial automatic glassware washing machines.

Supplied as a liquid concentrate.

Biodegradable1, bactericidal2, non-foaming, non-flammable, totally rinsable.


A blend of high grade aliphatic polycarboxylic acid, aliphatic alcohol and non-ionic surface active agent in an aqueous base.

Acidic concentrate (typically pH3.5).


Safe and effective for use on glassware, ceramics, plastics, rubbers, stainless steel and ferrous metals.

NOT suitable for use on non-ferrous metals, notably aluminium and zinc.

NOT suitable for domestic use.

Health & Safety

Irritating to eyes and skin - avoid contact with eyes and skin.

Wear eye protection and rubber gloves when handling.

Safety Data Sheet available for professional user.

Method of use

Please follow the manufacturer's instructions for your washing machine and place Contrad Acid Rinse into the appropriate chamber.

Dosage Guide:
Acid Rinse (Neutraliser): 1-3 ml per litre of rinse water.
Pre-Wash (preliminary cleaner): 2 - 5ml per litre of rinse water.

1 Ready Biodegradability by OECD 301E (ISO method 7827 - 1986(E))
2 Satisfies the criteria in BS EN 1040 1997 for bacterial activity.